How to import your password from LastPass Vault

The import process is simple and straight forward. In this article, you will learn about importing your LastPass Password Manager Vault passwords to LogMeOnce Password Manager. We will do a step by step walkthrough of all actions. The following steps imports all LastPass password manager username and passwords.

There are two steps in this process. please follow these steps to complete:

  • Export from LastPass password manager vault
  • Import to LogMeOnce password manager


Export from LastPass Password Manager Vault

1. In LastPass, click on More Options.

2. Click on Export.




3. Enter your Master Password.

4. Click on Continue.


5. Enter your filename.

6. Save the file.


7. Let's import the file in LogMeOnce. Click on LogMeOnce extension icon in your browser


LastPass6.png8. Click on Menu icon


9. Click on Import Application.

10. Click on Import From File.


11. Select LastPass.

 12. Click on Open and browse your LastPass exported file.

 13. It will display your list of Apps to be exported. Click on Import.


 You’ve successfully imported your data from LastPass to LogMeOnce.

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