LogMeOnce Password SHOCK FAQ

What is Password SHOCK© ?

Password SHOCK© gives unauthorized intruders a SHOCK treatment. Automated SHOCK© responses will go out to the intruder’s device(s) with proper warnings!

How can I Enable/Disable Password SHOCK?

As default, Password SHOCK is disabled.

Password SHOCK© can be Enabled/disabled from Password SHOCK© configuration screen Under Smart Menu->Security Section->Password SHOCK

How can I see a Demo of Password SHOCK© ?

You can Play the demo on your device from Password SHOCK© configuration screen. Please click on Play button, to play the Password SHOCK© for each of the SHOCK treatments.


What is the duration of Password SHOCK© on Intruder's Target Device?

Password SHOCK© Treatment on hacker's target device is 20 seconds

Password SHOCK© Treatment during Test Drive demo is 20 seconds






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