LogmeOnce Overview - Centeralized Cloud Dashboard

Centralized Cloud Dashboard…!


Secure access to all of your web accounts from one location




How does LogmeOnce Cloud Dashboard work?

With a single click securely access your entire web accounts from LogmeOnce centralized Dashboard. Here is how LogmeOnce saves time and effort while providing military-grade security for you;

  1. Save time & avoid opening new tabs to access each web account
  2. Save time & avoid entering user name and password
  3. Avoid entering passwords which may be weak or vulnerable to key loggers
  4. Avoid hackers by using strong passwords from LogmeOnce password calculator
  5. Save time & Single Sign-On (SSO) to your Apps with one click

LogmeOnce dashboard offers simple user friendly password manager & password recovery access for each user to their unique web site which entails a list of all of their applications, with security protection behind each Application icon. Simply click the icon of your desired Application, and you are logged in without the need to enter a username and password each time. Your security credentials for each Application are individually secured and encrypted with your unique encryption key, that only you are aware of.



When you mouse over the back area, some of the hidden options are displayed as shown.




 On the top row, you see several icons which will provide you access to your application features. Click on the “Logout” button to close LogmeOnce and depending on your browser, you can automatically log out of all of your Apps. There is no longer a need to log out each App individually.


You can Sort your Apps and change your view.


Applications Group”: You may group your Apps for simplicity, ease of access or organization. For example you may group everything related to your travel to Las Vegas under “Travel”, which may include hotels, airline ticket purchase, rental care, cruise ticket purchase, and etc.


Similarly, you may group all business activities under business, household bills and vendor together in one tab, or school related activities together. LogmeOnce makes it easy to gain access to your information, get the job done from one tab, and access all of your web accounts, securely and with confidence.




All of your Apps are nicely organized within the “Cloud Dashboard” as shown.



 You have a short cut of features available under Productivity Dock.


Right from “Cloud Dashboard” you may carry out the following actions. Move your mouse cursor on the App, Right-click on your mouse to see the following menu as shown below;

  • Edit,
  • Share,
  • Beneficiary / Heir
  • Delete
  • Copy User Name
  • Copy Password









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