X.509 Certificate Authentication

X.509 Certificate Authentication =


Asymmetric Cryptography Key +

Data Securing + Identity Verification




How to setup X.509 Certificate Authentication?


  • Open your Browser. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer)
  • To make sure, your environment is setup properly, please first clear your browser cache.
  • After you are logged in, in on the Dashboard page.
  • Go to or click on Smart Menu->Two-Factor Authentication.


  • Download PKCS#12 certificate.
  • It should ask you to enter a password to protect PKCS#12 file. This password is used to protect your certificate and you will use this password in future.



  • After entering the password, click Download to download the X509 certificate.
  • Install PKCS#12 certificate in your browser or system first.


How to Install X.509 Certificate on Firefox?

  • For  Firefox  - Certificate is installed in your browser. On your Firefox, please go to the following path

Go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Certificates -> View Certificates -> Then choose "Your Certificates" tab - and click Import.



How to Install X.509 Certificate on Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer?

  • For Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer  - Certificate is installed in your system
    1. Download certificate and just double-click - it will open "Certificate Import Wizard"
    2. Leave "Current User" as Store Location and click "Next"
    3. Click "Next" on "File to Import" step
    4. Enter password that you assigned to certificate in "Private key protected" step - then click "Next"
    5. In "Certificate Store" step, leave "Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate" checked - then click "Next"
    6. After clicking "Finish" button you will see "The import was successful" message


  • In case of any issues with certificate installed in your system - make sure it is installed in "Certificate Manager" under Personal -> Certificates

For information on how to access "Certificate Manager":

  • If your certificate is not visible under Personal -> Certificates - try to install it again and manually select "Personal" store in "Certificate Store" step

How to Enable 2FA with X.509 Certificate?

  • Select “Enable X.509 Certificate Authentication for Two-Factor Authentication” option.
  • Click on “Save Changes” button.



  • Then logout form application and try to login again with valid credentials.
  • During Login after typing username and password - it should ask you for certificate. Please note that your browser may remember selected certificate - and will not ask you to select certificate until you restart the browser. But still X.509 is processed during the login. If any issues, please restart your browser so your browser selects the certificate.
  • Select certificate and click on “OK” button. Note: The certificate selection screen maybe look different in each browser.




  • User should be able to login.
  • In case you still can't login - system will send you email notification about Login Failed - you will be able to disable Two-Factor Authentication with that email.

Additional Troubleshooting

If you are facing any issue during installation or authentication of X509 certificate, please perform the following:

  • Clear your browser cache
  • Close all browser tabs/windows and restart your browser and try again to authenticate with X509 certificate.


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