How to allow each employee store their personal passwords

LogMeOnce supports policy base employee personal password vault. Each employee can have their own vault which is not accessible by your LogMeOnce Administrator. Thus, an employee vault is only visible to him/her. This policy can be enabled by your LogMeOnce Administrator based on your organization’s security policy. It is possible to enable the policy for each user or a group of users.


Enable Personal Site/Password for a User 

To enable a personal vault for each user, follow the steps below;


  • Search and select the user to allow saving their personal passwords
  • Go to Role Tab and select personal site


  • This user will be able to save passwords.


Enabled Personal Site/Password for a Group

You can create a Group called "All Users" and enable the personal vault for the group and add each user to the group, follow the steps below;

Go to Smart Menu -> User Management or this URL https://<YourLogMeOnceDomain>


  • Search and select the Group to allow all users of the selected group to save their personal passwords
  • Go to Role Tab and select personal site


  • Add users to the selected group 
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