How to Pair LogMeOnce Mobile with your PasswordLess Account

LogMeOnce PasswordLess solution provides multiple easy steps to pair your mobile device with your LogMeOnce account.


In order to pair, you need to allow notification permission requested during installation of the LogMeOnce mobile app. You can check if your device is paired and notification is enabled from within the LogMeOnce app. You can reinstall the LogMeOnce app on the mobile device or enable notification with the app.


Please follow the steps below to pair your mobile device. 


Install LogMeOnce Mobile App

1. Download LogMeOnce mobile app and follow the instruction taking your selfie or Skip or click on "I already have an account?"

2. "Allow" sending the notification to your mobile device. If this option is disabled PasswordLess login will be disabled.


LogMeOnceMobileAppLoginScreen.png      LogMeOnceMobileAppNotificationPermission.png 


3. "Allow" Geo Location information, this feature would be useful to collect hacker information. It will also help you locate your phone. This is optional, if it is disabled, Geo Location will not be collected.

4. Select if you are installing it for your personal account or business account?

5. Enter your email and LogmeOnce will automatically detect your account. Please follow the rest of the instruction until you get to LogMeOnce home screen.



Validate Your Mobile Device is Paired with Your Account

1. In order to make sure, if your account is paired with your Logmeonce account, after login to your LogMeOnce account, please tap on LogMence Menu

2. Then Tap on Settings

3. Tap on Fingerprint & PIN




4. Check, if 'Enable Send Notification' is enabled (Green). This indicates your account is paired with this mobile device and LogMeOnce can send the notification to your device for Passwordless Login. If notification is not green which enabled or off. Tap on it to enable it.


This will display the iOS setting page for LogmeOnce App as shown below, please tap on Allow to enable it.




Log In to LogMeOnce Mobile App using PIN

1. Logout from LogMeOnce on mobile device

2. Login to your mobile device using PIN.


Log In to LogMeOnce Desktop Account using PIN

1. Please visit on your desktop.

2. On the Login screen, click on the PIN icon, enter your LogMeOnce account email, then click on Login. The screen changes informing you to check your mobile device. 

LogmeOncePasswordLessOptions.png  LogmeOncePasswordLess_ASent.png

3. Check your mobile device and you will receive a notification, enter your PIN on the mobile device.


4. Check your desktop, your account get approved after entering a valid PIN and you are automatically logged in to Your desktop account without typing any password or one-time code on your desktop.



The LogMeOnce PasswordLess login options provide extensive protection, protection against malware and keyboard loggers.

You can now try login via Fingerprint or PhotoLogin on your desktop.






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