LogMeOnce Administration Overview

The LogMeOnce Enterprise Implementation and Deployment Guide provides information about implementing the Identity Manager application. Installers, system administrators, and architects should refer to this guide to design a phase-based approach to deploying LogMeOnce as well as make decisions about which components and features are necessary. Users should be familiar with the features of LogMeOnce Enterprise components.


LogMeOnce Business and Enterprise Administration

Upon logging into a LogMeOnce account as an “Administrator” or account owner, administrators will see the main dashboard. The Administrator Console is used to manage and control administrative functions within organizations and groups, such as the following: 

  • Add Applications and Users
  • Create Groups and Share Folders
  • Setting Two-Factor Authentication and Adaptive Multifactor Authentication
  • Define a Password Policy
  • Provision and de-provision end users

Administrators will see an icon at the top of the dashboard, which provides the user with access to the Administrator Console and as well as an option to return to the main user dashboard.

*Only authorized “Administrator” users can access the Administrator Console.

LogMeOnce supports various levels of Administrative roles, each with unique administration functionality, roles, and permissions.

Administrator Training Resources

LogMeOnce provides extensive resources for teams, such as users/employee and administrators, including the following:


*The LogMeOnce team is continuously improving the LogMeOnce application and providing resources. Contact the support team at  for suggestions, comments, and concerns. We appreciate feedback!

Live Training Classes

LogMeOnce provides multiple customizable training services for users and administrators, including the following:

  • Administrator Training Class
  • End User Customized Training Class



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