What is Password Beneficiary and How does it Work?

Plan for an unforeseeable emergency and know that your digital assets are always protected.

With LogMeOnce, you can assign a beneficiary or provide heir access to multiple people. They will be able to log in, support, and maintain your digital assets. You determine when they get access. And LogmeOnce Passwords Beneficiary safeguards your assets against gaining premature entry. Plus, you can cancel anyone’s access anytime.

The Password Beneficiary is also referred to as Emergency Access. There are two types of Password Beneficiary;

  • Account Beneficiary - This will allow the whole account to be set up based on beneficiary rules which will be discussed later. Your beneficiary (Trusted People) will have access to your whole account.
  • App Beneficiary - This will allow the selected apps to be setup based on beneficiary rules. Your beneficiary (Trusted People) will have access to your selected apps based on beneficiary rules.

Access Password Beneficiary/Emergency Access

From Smart Menu, under the General section, click on Emergency Access 

Add-app1.png emer-2.png

or access directly via URL:

Emergency Access Dashboard

The Emergency Access Dashboard shows a list of your Trusted People that you trust and they trust you.


  • 3 - Clicking on People I trust, takes you to the list of people that you trust and have provided them access to your account/app.
  • 4 - Clicking on People who trust Me, takes you to the list of people that trust you and have provided them access to your account/app.
  • 5 - Shows the number of people in your circle of trust.
  • 6 - Opens and closes the right panel.
  • 7 - Let's you add more people to your circle of trust.
  • 8 - Shows a waiting period for each user.
  • 9 - Allows performing more actions such as removing or editing access details.

Setting Up Account Emergency Access

To set up emergency access, click on the Add Emergency Access button. Enter the name and email address of the person your trust that you want to designate as a Trusted Person or beneficiary.


The waiting period is the amount of time you will have to cancel your request before it is automatically granted to the user. The default waiting period is set to two days to give you ample time to cancel your request or change it, however, this setting can be changed based on your needs.


You can click on Send which will designate your Trusted Person as your beneficiary (Heir). This will take all default values or you may also customize it by clicking on Show more options.


You can update the message that LogMeOnce will send to your Trusted Person on your behalf.

The Expires in is the amount of time your Trusted Person or beneficiary (Heir) has to accept/decline your request. The default waiting period is set to Never which means your Trusted Person can accept the request at any time and the request will not be expiring unless you remove the request.


Emergency Access Steps

  • After you click on send, the beneficiary request is added to your dashboard and it is in pending state until it is accepted by your Trusted Person. The following image shows, the status in your account.


  • Your Trusted Person receives an email similar to the email below and is notified of your request.



  • Your Trusted Person after clicking on the email is requested to login to their account and approve and accept the request.


  • After the Trusted Person accepts the request, in the Emergency Access under People who trust Me, tab, they will see the accepted request. At any time, they can click on Request Access to get access to your account. As indicated in the Waiting Period, they will wait for the amount of time mentioned before accessing your account.


  • In your Emergency Access dashboard, it will show the Trusted Person has accepted your invitation.


  • After the Trusted Person, clicks on Request Access, they confirm their access and the request status is changed with the access timer countdown shown in red. At this time, they can Decline Access as well.


  • As the person setting up emergency access, you will receive an email from LogMeOnce that access has been requested, you have the option to decline the access during the set Waiting Period



  • In your LogMeOnce Emergency Access, the count down for access has started.


  • You can decline access from the email you received or directly from your account, if you do not decline the access, your Trusted Person will automatically get access to your account after the set Waiting Period expires.




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