LogMeOnce Password Manager Release 7.0

Please see following new updates to LogMeOnce version 7.0:


1. LogMeOnce Personal Edition


Home Dashboard

  • New vibrant end-user interface with a complete modern redesign 
  • Simplified User Interface and focused on begin easy and user-friendly
  • An overall risk score to help you priorities what to fix first and improve your cybersecurity risk
  • Deliver Daily Journal on the dashboard to bring your security upfront to be more secure
  • Security at a glance. Quickly see when you last logged in and logged out to detect anomalies
  • User-friendly – See the data is most important to you. Rearrange your data columns to display
  • Tips to improve your security (prioritizes which passwords to fix first) 
  • Enhanced Smart Menu

Password Manager

  • Fully optimized search and performance to quickly give the user what they need
  • Quick access to your data using the right-side panel and keep the user on the same screen for user simplicity and user experience
  • Redesign common right-side panel for all pages
  • Simplify interface to hide data when not needed
  • Simplified file view to see all your files and Add files for each application
  • Expanded view or minimized view to view all details on your passwords
  • Added more sort options such as Last Used and Most Used
  • Save Application Name, Last Used and Most Used sort as default and use it in LogMeOnce extension
  • Enhanced Detailed views
  • Autofill as needed
  • Autofill based on field click on LogMeOnce icon
  • Easily select auto-fills for emails, password, login, and password generator
  • Automap fields for quick auto-fills
  • The most comprehensive auto-fill mapping 
  • Automap fields to log in, Profile fields, Address, Phone, Company name, credit card, secure notes, and application notes.

Secure Notes

  • Simplified user interface for secure notes
  • Multiple views for secure notes – List view or block view
  • Display or hide notes on the main dashboard
  • Color-coded for ease of navigation
  • Ability to add encrypted file attachments

Secure Share & Emergency Access & Digital Legacy & Beneficiary 

  • Advanced Sharing Center with full search capabilities
  • Easily see what you have shared with others
  • Easily see what others have shared with you
  • Search what applications are shared by whom
  • Search all shared for a specific user
  • Shares Passwords, Notes, and Files
  • Share Passwords, Notes, and Files to one or multiple users
  • Easy to modify and create Share
  • Ability to control if the user should see the password (Hide password)
  • Ability to control if the user should see the application notes (Hide application notes)
  • Ability to expire secure after custom or pre-defined duration

Emergency Access & Digital Legacy & Beneficiary 

  • Simplified Emergency Access user interface
  • Advanced Emergency Access with full search capabilities
  • Easily see which users you have trusted (People I trust)
  • Easily see which users trusted you (People who trust me)
  • Enhanced and redefined Waiting Period

Identity Theft Protection & Dark Web Monitoring

  • New Identity Risk Scorecard for better online security
  • Most comprehensive online identity dark web scan from multiple dark web sources
  • Display, grade, and monitor user email address being leaked on the dark web and data breaches
      •  Check if your emails are exposed on the dark web
      •  Ability to perform ongoing automated scans
      •  Ability to perform manual scans
      •  Get a full data breach report
      •  Identity Risk for each breach and see all details
      •  Take Action by risk level (High, Medium and Low)
  • Display, grade and monitor user passwords being leaked on the dark web
  • Redesign Anti-theft and Device Manager


  • New Security Summary chart with insight into your login activities in the past 14 days
  • Redesigned reporting with high performance productivity charts
  • Highly optimized Activity Log 
  • Unprotected login chart Vs Protected Login chart. Do you know how often do you log in without using LogMeOnce? Log in to your site without using LogMeOnce means that you have remembered the password and you manually log in, so your password is generally not secure
  • Improve and enhance activity logs to provide more granular events
  • Redesigned Reports and Charts

General Features

  • More control to users to simplify their life
  • Be more productive - Restructure menu for better productivity and based on most used features
  • Offline mode to get access to your info when needed
  • Automated offline mode
  • Enable/disable reminder dialog
  • Creating additional recovery option to allow recovering your LogMeOnce account
  • Improving Mobile Device Management for Windows systems
  • Bug Fixes

2. LogMeOnce Family Edition

  • Includes all features of LogMeOnce Personal edition
  • Released a new version of Family edition with a new user interface
  • Created a Family member leaving the family feature
  • Created a new look and feel for Family Management
  • Added Dark Web Monitoring feature
  • Each family member gets Dark Web Monitoring
  • Each family member gets Password Leak Monitoring
  • Bug Fixes 

3. LogMeOnce Team and Enterprise Edition

  • Includes all features of LogMeOnce Personal edition
  • Enhanced SAML Federation integration
  • Enhanced SAML custom attribute integration and mapping
  • Enhanced Active Directory Integration with custom AD attributes and mapping 
  • Administrator policy based control for offline mode
  • Created Identity Protection Dashboard
  • Team and Enterprise Dark Web Monitoring
  • Team & Enterprise Password Leak Monitoring
  • Integrating Active Directory with Leaked Password Monitoring and Dark Web Monitoring
  • Bug Fixes


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