I am not getting login/push notifications on my smartphone (iOS and Android)

In this article, you will learn troubleshooting tips on how to resolve not getting the notification to your mobile device.

There are four main reasons you may not receive push notifications to your phone:

  • Your mobile device is not paired with your LogmeOnce account 
  • You have disabled PasswordLess login on this device
  • While installing LogMeOnce mobile app, you didn't approve permission to receive notification
  • Unstable cellular/data/wifi connection on your phone

Your mobile device is not paired with your LogMeOnce account

Login to the LogMeOnce mobile app on your mobile device and check if it is paired with your LogMeOnce account. Please see the image below on your mobile device and make sure this is the same email account that you are trying to log in on the desktop and your account is paired.


The following article provides a detailed walkthrough of account pairing. How to Pair LogMeOnce Mobile app with your Account

Approve permission to received notification

During the installation of the iOS mobile app, iOS requests your approval to receive a notification. If you do not provide approval, you will not receive a notification to your mobile device. To resolve this issue, it is best to uninstall the LogMeOnce app and install it again and make sure that all requested permissions are approved.

Unstable cellular/data/wifi connection on your phone

If there are network issues with your service provider and your area of coverage at the time of login, you may have trouble receiving the push notification. This sometimes happens due to Wifi or cellular data network connection or timeout issues. Please do the following;

  • Check your phone date and time and make sure they are correct.
  • Turn Wifi On and Off
  • Turn your phone to airplane mode and back to normal mode
  • Reset the mobile device

PasswordLess login is disabled

It is possible that you have disabled PasswordLess login for your device. The PasswordLess Login can be disabled from the desktop.

Please go to Your Device Listing and check if for your selected device PasswordLess Login is enabled.



Please keep in mind, you can always use the Account Recovery feature and create a temporary password and get access to your account and later remove the temporary password when this issue is resolved.


Do you see any error message? Send it to the Support Team.

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