How Secure is PasswordLess PhotoLogin

PhotoLogin patented and patent-pending technology enables you to log in to any website without typing a password. Log in with your photo or an image. YOU are the NEW Identity Authority.

The Power of PhotoLogin

Human authentication, dynamic technology, and millisecond photo intelligence

LogMeOnce PhotoLogin patented and patent-pending technology gives you the power by taking an instant photo of one moment in time. Your authentication factor can change in a millisecond, whether you’re showing off your cufflinks or holding a stapler. How could hackers possibly know how you will pose or what you will be wearing to log in? They do not even know your photo’s scene, background, color, wall, windows, or room’s ambiance!

Note: If LogMeOnce Tools is not installed which maybe blocked by your Antivirus software or your desktop does not have a camera. LogMeOnce will display a default picture and display visual OTP for your verification.

How Secure is PhotoLogin

PhotoLogin uses each photo just ONCE, or automatically self-destructs in 60 seconds. If your PC doesn't have a camera, we display a visual OTP for each authentication instead.

  • Every photo is fresh, every time! The process is easy and secure, while Two-Factor Authentication working silently in the background.
  • LogMeOnce sends login notification to your trusted devices only.
  • You can approve or reject the authentication request after you have successfully logged in to your device. If your device is not protected LogMeOnce will require a valid PIN to validate the request.

PhotoLogin is not facial recognition. PhotoLogin is a PasswordLess option that works with any picture even with the default pictures.

In order to use LogmeOnce app, you will need to login to your device using (Face ID or PIN or other means). So this means your device was already locked (First authentication). Then you can use PhotoLogin with additional PIN or without PIN. This give you a second authentication. You can configure set this setting from your account on desktop side.

Go to Smart Menu -> Settings -> Mobile or



By default user is asked for additional verification when lock screen is not enabled. You can change PhotoLogin to always or never ask for verification. So you can have Photologin to display PIN on the mobile device or not based on your settings and how secure you want to be.

Please keep in mind that PhotoLogin which takes a picture of you or desire object at the time of login and send it to your trusted devices. For example when you login from your desktop it takes a picture of you from your desktop and send it to your mobile device. It is only you who knows at that moment, you were wearing a glass or were holding a bottle of water, etc.

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