Release 6.4.0

LogmeOnce Enterprise Edition Release Date: 12/11/2018 

  • New Feature: Support Secure Drive storage for LogMeOnce Enterprise Edition
  • New Feature: Support IT and MSP client password Management
  • Enhanced Active Directory (AD) Integration
    • Allow adding AD attributes, as well as custom attributes
    • Adding attribute mapping to Active directory integration
    • Adding provisioning and Authentication options to AD configuration
  • Enhanced SAML Integration
    • Adding attribute mapping for SAML apps
    • Allowing to create custom SAML app
  • Enhanced system role
    • Adding auditor role with privileges to access all system data with read-only access
    • Allow extensive role by allowing users to Add application with multiple roles with each of their selected groups
  • Enhanced reporting
    •  Adding out of the box reporting
    •  Adding custom reports
  • Enhanced Adaptive Authentication and BYOD
    • Adding device rule for adaptive policy to filter device (mobile, PCs) based on serial number and OS name
  • Enhanced and expand filtering
    • Add App Filtering for OS, Databases and more
    • Add filtering to User management
    • Add filters to view and changes
    • Adding more filters, columns to business edition
    • Adding group-bar indent in dashboard details view - to show nested groups
    • Adding groups assignment and users assignment for site edit 
  • Add additional event logs
  • Ability to export data from many areas of applications
  • Enhanced command line integration
  • Bug fixed
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