Release 6.4.0

LogmeOnce Consumer Edition Release Date: 12/11/2018

  • Enhance account recovery & security checkup


We have further simplified account recovery process. You no longer have to depend on a lone email for your account recovery!

With this new feature, you are able to add new secondary email and phone number for account recovery. We will ask you to enter and verify a secondary email address (and/or a mobile phone number) for account recovery. In case you do not have access to your original email address, you have other options such as a secondary email or phone number to recover your account.

We will send a one time code to your email address or text a code to your mobile phone to validate your phone. During account recovery, you will have option to recover your LogMeOnce account using primary email, secondary email or your mobile phone.

  • Enhance Secure Drive and integrate with Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive

You can now search for your files across all your cloud storage locations. Please keep in mind all files are encrypted on your cloud storage using your own encryption key.

This release supports encryption and integration of Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to LogMeOnce Secure Drive encrypted storage.


Search for your files across many cloud storages.




  • Enhanced view and filters

You can now customize your columns in the Details view and show or hide any columns. Additional filters are also added to many screens and activity reports.


Click on icon

Select columns to show



  • Added face authentication for desktop

LogMeonce supports iPhone FaceID technology so you would be able to login to your desktop using FaceID from your iPhone devices. This feature requires LogmeOnce mobile app version 6.3.2+ (awaiting to be released by the App Store)



  • Ability to view site specific notes (Ultimate edition)

In this release, you will be able to view sites notes in the specific site login screen or dashboard without needing to edit the app.

  • Additional activity reports events
  • Export device listing and activity logs (Ultimate edition)

Ability to filter and export activity log events.


Ability to filter and export device listing.


  • Bug fixes


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