LogMeOnce Privacy Settings

The Privacy setting tab provides greater flexibility for manage your account privacy for both consumer and business/enterprise editions.


The privacy features includes; 

  • Allow camera
    You can manage (allow/disallow) use of webcam. Allow LogmeOnce to use your webcam/camera. We collect images from any authorized/unauthorized devices that attempt to login to your account. By default LogmeOnce collects only failed login attempts, but you can manage this within Mugshot Settings.

    Warning: By disabling this feature, Mugshot, PhotoLogin, Selfie-2FA will not be able to take picture using your webcam/camera.
  • Allow location
    You can manage (allow/disallow) collecting GPS location info. When this option is selected, you are allowing LogmeOnce to collect your location details during login to your account.

    Warning: By disabling this feature, you will not be able to collect hacker’s GPS location information.
  • Cookies
    LogMeOnce has two type of cookies, these are essential cookies and third party cookies. The essential cookies can not be disabled since LogmeOnce requires these cookies for it's normal operation. You can manage (allow/disallow) third party cookies.


Business/Enterprise Edition:

As a Business account owner you can manage these settings for your users and set a policy, if you would like to collect these information for your users or not.



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