How to Find History of LogmeOnce Generated Password

LogMeOnce password generator enables users to generate strong passwords based on user request.

Passwords can be generated using:

  • LogMeOnce Password Generator in Browser extension
  • LogMeOnce Password Generator in Apps/website field


Please login to your LogMeOnce account on desktop and follow the instruction below to view your password:

1. Click on LogMeOnce extension icon on the top.

2. Click on Notification icon.

3. The Notification screen shows a list of all your notifications including generated passwords by LogMeOnce password generator. This list will be displayed, if the user has not cleared it.

4. To see the password for selected application, click on Show button to view the password. 


For better security, you are requested to enter your Master Password for With Password Account and Step-up validation for PasswordLess account.


The following are other ways to view your passwords:

  • Edit each application and view the password
  • Export all your password to PDF file format
  • Export all your password to CSV file format




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