How to Integrate Your Cloud Service (Dropbox) with LogMeOnce

Its easy to integrate your LogMeOnce Secure Drive account with other cloud services.

For example, you can link your Dropbox account with LogMeOnce account, hence all of your files will be encrypted and stored on your desktop, and then transferred to your Dropbox account. So all data destined to be stored in Dropbox are under your control and it is all encrypted with your AES encryption key, built by LogmeOnce advanced encryption engine.


Advantages of encrypting your Cloud Service (Dropbox) with your password



How to Link my Cloud Service (Dropbox) with LogMeOnce 

1. Click on Smart Menu

2. Click on Secure Drive


 3. On Secure Drive screen, select "Settings" to link your Dropbox account with your LogMeOnce account.


4. LogMeOnce will then will show you a list of supported cloud storage services. You can select it your desired cloud service. In this case, click on the Add Dropbox button.


5. LogMeOnce will request for your Dropbox account credential to link Dropbox and LogMeOnce. Please enter your Dropbox username and password, and click on Sign in.


6. LogMeOnce will request for permission to your Dropbox account and it's folder. Please click on Allow to grant permission.


A folder will be created in your Apps Folder in Dropbox called LogMeOnce.

7. After your account is linked, you will see a list of your Dropbox linked accounts. 

8. In LogMeOnce's "Secure Drive" upload section, you will see a list of all your connected drives and accounts. While uploading, you can select where to upload your files. 


9. You can click on "Settings" option to hide the cloud services setup screen.



Where are my files stored in Dropbox?

1. Login to your Dropbox account and click on My Files and Click on Apps folder.


2. Click on LogMeOnce folder.


3. See below:  This will show a list of all your files. Important Note: By using LogMeOnce encryption engine, both filename and actual data are shown in encrypted manner in Dropbox. Otherwise, your files content and file names in Dropbox would be all visible and in readable text format..!



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