LogMeOnce Storage Mode FAQ

A. What are the different storage modes supported?

LogMeOnce supports two storage modes.

  • Cloud Storage Mode

All your usernames and passwords are first encrypted with Military-Grade AES-256 on your computer, and then transferred to LogmeOnce secure cloud service. This is ideal for individuals who need to access their credentials from multiple locations (home, office, hotel, etc.), and multiple devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android). Easily access from anywhere in the world.

  • Desktop Storage Mode

If you prefer to keep your passwords with you, and not on a cloud service, then this option is for you. You can store your usernames and passwords on your own computer. Your data remains encrypted in your computer only, and are not stored on our cloud service. Keep in mind you can only use your data on this computer.  Your passwords will stay encrypted both on your desktop and can be used only on the desktop that LogMeOnce was installed.


B. How can I change my LogMeOnce Storage Mode?

You can switch between Cloud Storage mode and Desktop Storage mode from setting by visiting  


1. Select Smart Menu

2. Select Settings


3. Select Storage Mode menu on the left side.

4.This shows your current storage mode. In this example it is set to Cloud Storage Mode. You can Change it to other cloud storage modes by clicking on the Green button.




C. Where are my Desktop Storage files located?

Your LogMeOnce Desktop storage is located on the PC's that LogMeOnce was first installed. The LogMeOnce files are stored in the following location on a windows operating system:


D. Is there any difference between Desktop Storage Mode and Cloud Storage Mode?

There are no differences, they both mostly work the same way. Some features such as using it in multiple device is not available since passwords are stored in one computer.

E. How my passwords are backed up?

When you select Desktop storage mode, since your passwords are in the PC that you have originally installed software and not in the cloud, you are responsible for your backups.

You can take a LogMeOnce backup from Export menu in LogMeOnce extension and keep the backup files in a safe place and restore it as needed.

F. When selecting Desktop Storage Mode, can I still use LogmeOnce on other PC's?

No, it is not possible, since you have selected desktop storage mode that means, your data are stored on that computer that LogmeOnce was originally installed. If you need to use it in other computers then it should be stored to Cloud storage mode, so it can be used in other computers and mobile devices.


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