LogMeOnce Scheduled Login FAQ

1. What is Scheduled Login?

Scheduled Login is used to provide additional protection to your account. With unPredictable access time©, you have the advantage by being unpredictable. Simply put, you make yourself a moving target—and your accounts more difficult to access.

2. Can I log in, outside of my Log in window?

Yes, you can log in, at any time. If you log in outside your scheduled log in window, it will require additional versification to ensure it is you who requested unscheduled login! However, if you log in from your last IP address or device (that he had successfully log in from a trusted device), it does not require additional verification. 

3. What happens when I login outside of my login window?

If you login using the same device or from same IP Address that you had last login successfully, this is still considered as normal login. There is no change.

If you or an intruder login from a different or a new device or different location, it is then considered abnormal as high risk login request. It then requires additional verification by double checking your security answer.

4. Why during setting up Schedule Login, I am sometime asked for my Security Answer?

Periodically, we will verify your security answer to ensure you have the correct security answer, so you would be able to login smoothly and securely at all times.


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