How to use LogMeOnce Scheduled Login

Question: Why should your login page be visible to all at all times?

Hint: That is a leaking source where intruders can attack your account!


1. Schedule when you’ll next log in (green login zone).
2. Block hack attempts made outside your scheduled time (red zone).


Scheduled Login is used to provide additional protection to your account. With unPredictable access time©, you have the advantage by being unpredictable. Simply put, you make yourself a moving target—and your accounts more difficult to access.


With Scheduled Login, you define your next log in window. Let's say you have scheduled your log in time for 10:30 am with a tolerance of +/- 30 minutes, your authorized log in is allowed between 10 am to 11 am. Log in request from 10 am - 11 am is considered as normal login request (Green zone) and any log in request outside of your window is considered as high risk log in request (Red zone). At any time, if you require to log in outside your log in windows (red zone), you would be able to log in. Log in during red zone login requires additional factors such as validating your log in using Account Recovery by sending a link to your trusted email or SMS to your trusted phone and requesting to verify your security answer 

  • Login during your predefined login window (Green zone)
    You can login normally with your PasswordLess option or with your user ID and password. 
  • Login outside your predefined login window (Red zone)
    Any login attempts during red zone requires additional verification for entry into your account. Login requests from your last trusted device or IP address during red zone time is  exempted as valid or normal login request.

Hackers do NOT know the time you are scheduled to login, So, hackers’ login attempts outside your prebooked time are flagged and treated as high-risk. You will be notified of any such attempts.

- How to Setup Scheduled Login?

Simply click on Logout icon, and LogMeOnce will display Logout / Login options.


When logout block is displayed, LogMeOnce depicts login options which allows normal / standard logout or will let you to schedule a future login window.

1. Click on Logout when you need a standard login, or do NOT wish to schedule a suture login 

2. When you decide to logout using Scheduled Logout option, pick a date and time of when you think you want to log back in. You can also add a tolerance windows to create a flexible Login window. Any successful login during the Login Window is normal and as expected but any Login attempts outside login window is considered high-risk access attempts, and requires additional verifications.

When you are at a high-risk period and you want to login, you will be redirected to Account recovery to access/recover your account.

 3. Click on button to book your next login window. This will also log you out of LogMeOnce.


After clicking on "Book" You r Next Login" & Logout button, a message is displayed about your next login window details as shown below.


- How to Disable/Enable Scheduled Login (Ultimate Edition)

Scheduled Login window is optional and can be enabled/disabled by Ultimate users from the Settings Page under Website setting as shown below.

The Settings page can be accessed from Smart Menu under General Section or by visiting this URL.




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