How to use LogMeOnce Secure File Storage

You can securely attach files to "Add App" or "SecureNotes". All files are encrypted by using your own AES encryption key. This means your files, documents, photos, and private data are protected with your own LogMeOnce password, and no one can see them without using your password.

1. Click on Add Files to open "Secure File Storage" bucket.


2. This secure storage area is used to drag & drop your files. 


If your account is linked with Dropbox, you would see option for both LogMeOnce Storage and Dropbox. You will be able to save your files directly to Dropbox as well.


3. Choose a file or set of files. 

4. Drag and drop files to Storage area.

5. Click on Save, it will encrypt the files first. It will then upload the files to Secure Storage and to your notes.





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