LogMeOnce Secure Storage FAQ

- What is LogMeOnce Secure Storage?

LogMeOnce Secure Storage is an encrypted "file & document" storage. LogMeOnce encrypts your data using your password and AES 256 encryption key. 

Now imagine if you may have files sitting around on your hard drive? Don’t leave your personal photos, files and documents unattended! LogMeOnce provides two types of Secure Storage options. The secure and encrypted storage can be used to save files, photos and more... Additionally, the files and filenames are encrypted using your own password, and AES 256 encryption key. Please see example below with "Before & After" Encryption. Before depicts how your image of data may look like. After depicts how LogMeOnce encrypts the same file and it is not viewable by others!



LogMeOnce provides two distinct encrypted storage options:

  1. LogMeOnce Secure File Storage - This is best used for adding encrypted files to your  Secure Notes and Applications in LogMeOnce
  2. LogMeOnce Secure Drive - This is best used for encrypting any kind of files and acts like your encrypted storage. This is similar to other cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, One Drive, Box, and etc.

The table below shows the comparison table between the "LogMeOnce Secure File Storage" and "LogMeOnce Secure Drive" options.


- What can I do with LogMeOnce Secure Storage?

LogMeOnce Secure Storage options provide a simple interface using Secure Notes, Apps and Secure Drive that you can use to store and retrieve any amount of data and documents. It is important to note this is an encrypted storage which requires no action from the user. All data is encrypted using AES 256 including data and file names. When you request to get a file, it is automatically encrypted so it would be usable to you.

- What kind of data can I store?

You can store any kind of data in any format. You can store all types of documents such as personal photos, files, images, and documents. All data are encrypted using AES 256 encryption.

- How much data can I store?

The total amount of data that you can store is based on your account limits. If you run out of storage space,m you can easily add (buy) more encrypted space.

As default LogMeOnce Premium Free Edition and Professional Edition receive 1 MB of free storage. The LogMeOnce Ultimate edition receives 10GB of free storage.

You can buy additional storage. If you purchase additional storage of 50GB or more, you will also receive LogMeOnce Secure Drive.

- What does LogMeOnce do with my data in LogMeOnce Secure Storage?

 LogMeOnce stores encrypted version of your files in our secure storage. LogMeOnce is a Zero knowledge technology company. All of your files are encrypted using your own AES key, and hence does NOT have access to your data and files.

- How much does LogMeOnce Secure Storage cost?

Please see below LogMeOnce secure storage pricing: 

$9.96 /year, 10 GB (Free with Ultimate Edition)
$19.99 /year, 20 GB
$39.99 /year, 50 GB (includes LogMeOnce Secure Drive)
$79.99 /year, 100 GB (includes LogMeOnce Secure Drive)
$199.99/year, 250 GB (includes LogMeOnce Secure Drive)

- How secure is my data?

LogMeOnce Secure Storage is encrypted by default. Access to your files are authorized based on your access to LogMeOnce. LogMeOnce has added multiple security features to protect access to your account based on our patents and patent-pending technologies, such as

  • PasswordLess Login
  • Musgshot
  • Scheduled Login
  • Account Freeze
  • Password SHOCK

Only users having access to the account would be able to view the data and files. LogMeOnce Secure Storage supports user authentication to control access to data. 

You can securely upload/download your data to LogMeOnce Secure Storage via SSL endpoints using the HTTPS protocol. All files are automatically encrypted on your browser on your computer using your "password / AES key" and then the encrypted data is transferred to LogMeOnce Secure Storage.

All filenames are encrypted at rest in LogMeOnce Secure Storage as shown below, however displayed to you when you login.


- How to increase my file storage limits?

You can easily purchase additional file storage. Please visit your subscription page on your desktop to increase storage limits for your account.


- What is the difference between LogMeOnce Secure Storage and Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and other storage options?

  • LogMeOnce Secure Drive is similar to other cloud storage services
  • Only with LogMeOnce you can encrypt your files with your own password
  • LogMeOnce Secure Storage is only accessible to our LogMeOnce endusers
  • LogMeOnce Secure Storage files are automatically encrypted, decrypted and then stored to the cloud which is different from other other cloud storage services
  • LogMeOnce Secure Storage files are encrypted using users password and AES key, so every users data and file are encrypted with each user's key which is different than the other cloud storage services
  • The entire encryption and decryption processes are performed on-the-fly on the users device
  • LogMeOnce is a Zero knowledge company and only handles you encrypted files. The encryption keys are not sent to LogMeOnce and all details are handled within user's own device and browser, thus LogMeOnce can not have a knowledge of your credentials.
  • LogMeOnce employs security best practices along with standard encryption algorithm such as AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). We employ AES 256-bit key length and SSL to encrypt your data and transmit over the web.


- What are file size and other limitations?

  • Each File sizes can be up to 100 MB
  • You can store unlimited number of files using LogMeOnce Secure Drive based on your storage limits. Additional storage can be purchased.
  • You can add 5 files for each Secure Notes
  • You can add 5 files for each Apps


- What does each icon indicate in secure file storage?

When looking at the listing of the files in LogMeOnce, the icon indicates where the files are stored. A default file icon indicates the file is stored in LogMeOnce secure storage, and a Dropbox icon in File icon, indicates the file is stored in Dropbox.







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