LogMeOnce Browser Extension Overview

In this article, you will learn about LogMeOnce browser extension. In order for LogMeOnce to operate as expected and manage your account, you should see the LogMeOnce extension icon in your browser's toolbar. 

1. This is LogMeOnce extension menu which is displayed on the browser address toolbar. 

If the extension icon is Gray color, this means, you are not logged in. If it is Orange color, it means, you are logged into your LogMeOnce account.

install-browser.PNG         install-browser2.PNG
Your are logged in to your LogMeOnce Account   You are Logged out of your LogMeOnce account, you are Offline.

If you are offline and click on LogMeOnce extension icon, it will display LogMeOnce login screen. When you are online and you are logged into your account and you click on LogMeOnce extension icon, the browser extension screen is displayed.

2. Click on Logout link to logout from your LogMeOnce account.

3. Click on Notification icon to see a list of your notifications.

4. Click on Password Calculator/ Password Generator icon to generate new and complex passwords.

5. Click on Menu icon to see a list of the extension menu.

6. Click on Home icon to go to LogMeOnce Home Dashboard.

7. Search screen to search for applications.

8. The Application Dashboard screen.


Notification screen

The Notification screen displays a list of all your notifications. To check for new notifications in your account, click on Check New Notifications. To Clear all Notifications, click on Clear All.


Password Calculator/Password Generator

With the LogMeOnce Calculator, you save time and generate strong and complex passwords.  You can;

  • Select a Password Length by entering your desired length or moving the scrolled bar
  • Select Password Complexity of the generated password such as Uppercase, Lowercase, Digits and Symbols.
  • Click on Password Generate button to see the strength and approximate time to crack of your selected password.
  • Copy the password to Clipboard and use it.


LogMeOnce Extension Menu

The LogMeOnce extension menu icon displays a list of options to manage your accounts. By clicking on LogMeOnce extension menu icon, these options would be available to be selected.


Password Manager

Click on Password Manager menu to be redirected to the password manager dashboard. 


Recently Used

Click on Recently Used menu to see a listing of all apps/sites you are currently logged in via LogMeOnce.


Import Passwords

Click on Import Passwords menu to import your passwords. LogMeOnce provides multiple options for importing your passwords.


You can import passwords from your browsers or from a file.


After clicking Import From File, a list of options are provided such as importing from Generic CSV File or import your passwords from other Password Managers.


Export Passwords

You may export your passwords from LogMeOnce for backup using Export To menu options.


LogMeOnce provides multiple options to export your passwords. The LogMeOnce File format is an encrypted file format readable by LogMeOnce.

You may also export your passwords as CSV file or PDF File for printing.


Secure Backup & Restore

Click on Secure Backup & Restore menu to securely backup your passwords. 


You can create one or many secure backup and restore them as needed.


Add App Manually

Click on Add App Manually menu to add an app manually. LogMeOnce provides multiple options for adding apps.


Send Logs to Support

Click on Send Logs to Support menu to sends logs files to LogMeOnce support team.


About LogMeOnce

Click on About LogMeOnce menu to see the version number for LogMeOnce software and LogMeOnce Tools. It will also show, if you have the latest version of the software and if LogMeOnce is up-to date. 



Logout from LogMeOnce

Click on Logout menu to logout from LogMeOnce.



















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