How to import your password from Keeper Security Vault

In this article, you will learn about importing your Keeper Security Password Manager vault passwords to LogMeOnce Password Manager. We will do a step by step walk through of all actions. This steps imports all Keeper Vault passwords.

There are two steps in this process. please follow these steps to complete:

  • Export from Keeper Security password manager vault
  • Import to LogMeOnce password manager


Export from Keeper Security Password Manager Vault

1. Please log in to Keeper Security Password Manager vault using Keeper login screen and after keeper desktop screen is displayed, click on More.

2. Click on Backup.


 3. A new screen is displayed, under Export to Text File, click on Export Now.



4. Enter your Master Password.

5. Click on Export Now and save the CSV file. All your Keeper Security password manager vault data is exported to the CSV file. You can now proceed to next section to import them to LogMeOnce.


Import to LogMeOnce Password Manager

After your Keeper Security passwords are exported, you are ready to import it to LogMeOnce.

6. Log in to LogMeOnce, click on LogMeOnce extension icon for your specific browser. You will see the extension screen.

7. Click on LogMeOnce extension menu.


8. Click on Import Passwords.



9. Select Import From File.


10. Select Keeper Security to import CSV file.


11. Click on Click to Open to select your exported Keeper Security CSV file.


12. Select the Keeper Security exported CSV file and click on Open.


13, The list of passwords that are found in CSV file is displayed. As default all passwords are selected, however, you may un-select any password that you do not desire to import. The import list shows password strength for each password and you may select option to Show Password and overall password strength.

14. Select Import to import password to your vault.



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