Can’t find my Apps in “LogmeOnce Applications Catalog”


What to do if your desired App is not listed in LogmeOnce Application Catalog?



1.    Search for your desired Apps in “LogmeOnce Catalog”:

You can easily search for your desired application by simply typing the name in the search box (ex. Gmail, AOL, etc.).  You might find more than one match at times but you can select the right application and click on “+Add App” button next to it.



2.    Can’t find my Apps in “LogmeOnce Applications Catalog”

There are millions of websites and web accounts that Internet community access to conduct daily business. We are also constantly updating LogmeOnce application Catalog. If you can’t find your desired applications from LogmeOnce Catalog, following image and description will appear.



3.    Adding Apps “Manually”

Adding an App manually is simple and straight forward. First visit the website you would like to add. Make sure that you are on their “Sign In” page. Enter your User ID & password for that site.


 LogmeOnce FAQs_LogmeOnce FAQs_How to add Apps_01_image14.png


Click on “Create” to save your Login information.


LogmeOnce FAQs_LogmeOnce FAQs_How to add Apps_01_image15.png


Now, Click on LogmeOnce extension menu, and from pull down menu, select “Add App Manually”.


LogmeOnce FAQs_LogmeOnce FAQs_How to add Apps_01_image16.png


A LogmeOnce dialog box will appear.

 Now, In your desired website, select userID and password fields, and automatically your information is displayed in LogmeOnce add App dialog box.  


LogmeOnce FAQs_LogmeOnce FAQs_How to add Apps_01_image17.png


Verify the information, and then click on “Save Change”. Now you have added an App manually, and an App icon will appear on your dashboard screen.




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