LogmeOnce Root Authority Certificate

The LogmeOnce Root Certificate below is used for issuing certificates to LogmeOnce customers.


Country = US
Organization = LogmeOnce
Common Name = LogmeOnce Root Certification Authority
Validity Start: August 23, 2012
Validity End: August 23, 2042
Serial Number: ‎00 bd 27 80 85 f7 8c 73 88
SHA1 Fingerprint: ‎1a 6d 60 3b 05 f1 f6 db 65 d0 87 c1 2f b4 42 ca 45 0e c0 9a


Download logmeonce-ca.crt 


How to install LogmeOnce Root Authority Certificate:

1. Download certificate and open it.
2. Select "Install Certificate".
3. This will launch the Certificate Import Wizard. Make sure to Choose the option “Place all certificates in the following store” and select browse.
4. Select Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click Ok.
5. Click Finish on Completing the Certificate Import Wizard.
6. Click yes on the security warning to install the certificate.

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