New Features Highlights - LogmeOnce Consumer edition v4.3

Feb 17th, 2016 Release – LogmeOnce v4.3

LogMeOnce Version 4.3 updates include the following;

A. Enhanced Password Autofill
B. Edit / Change Username (UserID)
C. Support for adding PC/Network Appliance, Database and Desktop
D. Policy based settings for Mugshot
E. Import from 26 other password managers
F. Updated Application catalog
G. Mugshot’s Major New Features


A. Enhanced Password Autofill

Provide enhanced password and autofill customization and policies




B. Edit / Change Username (UserID)

Ability for users to change their username (UserID)



C. Support for adding PC/Network Appliance, Database and Desktop

Both Personal and Business users can manage their Router(s), Workstation(s), Servers and Databases and store the credential for these devices securely.




D. Policy based settings for Mugshot

Pre-define and select data that needs to be collected.



E. Import from other password managers

This new features provides easy to import solution from over 26 other applications and password managers




F. Updated Application catalog

LogmeOnce has added over 100 additional Apps to LogmeOnce’s Applications catalog which now supports over 4500 sites/Apps.




G. Mugshot’s Major New Features

• Break-in Activities includes 3 new blocks containing graphs for;

  – Attacks based on date & time, plus previous year’s historical data

  – Attacks based on IP Address

  – Attacks origination with a global threats view (from Hacker to McLean server)

• Hacker Geolocation includes;

  – “Full-Screen Button” enlarges Google map to display multiple threats in the global view

  – Digital indicator (counter) displays the number of threats per hacker’s IP address

  – Latest alert continuously blinks (or changes color) when the user enters Mugshot dashboard page. It will stop blinking when the user scrolls over it to see the data.

  – Threat call-out is added to each threat. Scroll over threat call-out where bubble opens up and displays important additional information

– Call-out or Threat notification data can be forwarded to various people via eMail

• Threats Reports table includes;

– Physical distance from attacker’s origin (to our McLean office servers)

– Alert notification via eMail

– Ability to forward eMail to other individuals

– Put email icon in a column

– Sort option per table column




II. What’s New version 4.0 (Free Premium)

A. Smart Menu

LogMeOnce Smart Menu is the Atlas of features. Click on your profile photo to access the “Smart Menu”. This Atlas, is a “shortcut” and collection of LogMeOnce top features, which easily maps your way with a click on the icon.



B. The Rest of the Updates

LogmeOnce 4.0 enjoyed a large collection of new features and updates. This is part of larger app update, which also includes optimized password management and more



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