I am getting a "connection failure" error when I try to install LogMeOnce for Firefox

NOTICE:  This is a known issue with Firefox

The "connection failure" error

LogMeOnce supports Firefox browser.

Upon arrival to this section, please click on the “Download” button to start your download process. This is generally a smooth installation process.



We should also caution that there is a known issue with Firefox browser itself. You can read more about this at Mozila’s support;

What you may notice;

If you're trying to install LogMeOnce in Firefox for Windows and you see this error: "The file can't be downloaded because of a connection failure on," the failure is not due to LogMeOnce. This is a known issue with Firefox.



What should I do to troubleshoot this issue?

This issue steams from Firefox. We are offering three different solutions. However, solution number 3 below is an actual step-by-step direction to manually add this file:

1.      Often if you keep trying, it will naturally fix itself and will install extension file

2.      Are you using an antivirus program such as Avast? If so, please disable it temporarily and try installing LogMeOnce again.

3.      Please follow these instructions on how to install and manually enable LogMeOnce;

         a)      Temporarily, open another browser such as Chrome, IE, Safari (don’t use Firefox)

         b)      Using another browser - download Firefox XPI file manually from:

         c)      Remember where you saved this file, as you will need it at step “f” below

         d)     Now, open Firefox browser

         e)      Click on Firefox drop-down menu, and click on “Add-ons” icon. This will take you to the “Add-ons” page (See image below)

          f)       Simply drag and drop XPI file (you just downloaded at step “b” above) in to the Firefox Add-ons page

         g)      At this stage, you have manually added LogMeOnce extension file to Firefox, and the extension file will now install without any issues.



We apologize for this inconvenience. As stated earlier, unfortunately, this is a known issue that stems from Firefox itself.



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