How to uninstall LogmeOnce Android App

LogmeOnce Android App protects accidental app deletion using device administration. During LogmeOnce Android App installation, a dialog box will appear as shown. You have the option to enable device administration for LogmeOnce.

 a) If you have not selected this option, you may uninstall LogmeOnce Android app similar to other apps.

 b) If you have enabled this option, you have two options to disable device administration and then you can uninstall the Android App.



Option 1: Disable from LogmeOnce Left Menu

Please follow the following steps to uninstall LogmeOnce from your Android device:

1. Please go to left menu and select "disable device admin before uninstall" and turn it off.



2. After turn off, you will see this screen



3. You can now, uninstall the app from your system using Android by going to settings -> apps. You will see a list all applications installed on phone, you can select "LogMeOnce" and you would be able to uninstall.


Option 2: Disable manually from phone settings


You can disable the device admin from your phone’s settings menu as well.

1. Go to Settings -> Security -> Device administrators as shown below.




2.  LogmeOnce is selected as device admin, please uncheck it and then make it disable. At this time, you have disabled device admin and you can uninstall the app.


How to delete LogMeOnce from android device?


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