LogmeOnce - How to make referrals and get Rewards?

 LogmeOnce - How to make referrals and get Rewards?


Invite an unlimited number of friends and colleagues...!


  1. Open your Browser. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft IE)
  2. If a user is already registered with LogmeOnce, then click on LogmeOnce extension and provide your credentials
  3. Click on “Login” button
  4. If a user is not registered yet then register with LogmeOnce first using Signup.
  5. After you are logged in, on the Dashboard page you will be able to make a selection from multiple different referral options like, “Facebook”, “Google+”, “Twitter”, “Gmail”, “Linked In”.
  6. Click on “Referral Bonus” section of LogmeOnce Dashboard, shown below.





  1. Click on any option for referral and the following screen will appear.
  2. Enter email addresses in “To”, and “From” fields, and write any “Comments” if you would like to.


  3. Click on “Share” button after entering the details, to send your message.
  4. Upon completion, “Sharing complete” message will populate and it is all done. Simply close the screen.


  5. Once your friend or intended party receives your referral/invitation, he/she will be able to register for a “LogmeOnce Personal edition”, Free of charge. As soon as your invitee completes his/her registration and creates his/hers own LogmeOnce account, will be added to your list of invitees under your “Referral Tab”. You will also automatically get the credit and you will be rewarded with an Ads-free App, plus entry in LogmeOnce’s free raffle with appropriate credit score to increase your chances to win more rewards! More referrals increases your overall score for LogmeOnce free raffles.


  6. Invite an unlimited number of friends or colleagues.

  7. Referrals are Free, and invitees will receive our Free products as well. Furthermore, each invitation or referral adds to your overall standing with raffle score and credit, and increases your chances to win even higher rewards.
  8. Important Note: LogmeOnce invitations and referrals are based on an Honor system. Our goal is to provide a great opportunity for everyone to extend invitation to as many people as they would like to. Since each referral directly creates an Ads-Free App, and increases your credit score in our Free Raffles, we need to make sure that everyone adheres to the same rules. Although you will be immediately rewarded and receive the credit for a referral / invitation you made, authenticity of referrals will be regularly checked in the following months to ensure a fair opportunity for all. For you as well as for LogmeOnce.
  9. Invalid referrals, registration or account creation will be removed from our database, and allocated credits will be deducted from your score, which may result in limitation for access to additional features that you have been rewarded with.
  10. Thank you for your referrals.
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