How does One Time Password (OTP) works?

How does One Time Password (OTP) works?



Get "One Time Password" for greater Security


  1. Open your Browser. (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft IE)
  2. If a user is already registered with LogmeOnce, then click on LogmeOnce extension and provide your credentials
  3. Click on “Login” button
  4. If a user is not registered yet then register with LogmeOnce first using Signup.
  5. After you are logged in, click on “Security” tab.
  6. Go to OTP tab. There are four different methods to receive an OTP message;
    • Google Authenticator
    • Email Message
    • Voice Mail
    • SMS Message
  7. To enable, click on “Email Message” link.
  8. Check the “Email Address” checkbox and click on “Send Code” button to receive an email which will contain your OTP code.
  9. If desired, select “Alternative Email Address” and click on “Send Code” button to receive email on other entered email address
  10. Code will be sent to provided email address only
  11. Now, please use the code sent via email and enter Code in “Enter Verification Code” textbox and click on “Verify” button.
  12. When user enters valid OTP then “Save Changes” button will be enabled.
  13. After clicking on “Save Changes” button email message status for delivery method button will be “Enabled”.
  14. Following screenshots will give clear idea about OTP.






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