User Login Error Messages

When you get this error message, please do the following:

  • Check if you have entered the valid username. 
  • Please go to iTunes Apple Store and Android Play store and install Latest LogMeOnce Mobile App. 

  • Please check, if you have performed a hard reset on your device and not installed LogMeOnce mobile app. Please install LogMeOnce Mobile App
  • Please check, if you have send a wipe command to your LogMeOnce App and your LogMeOnce data is wiped. Please reinstall LogMeOnce mobile app.
  • Login to LogMeOnce App in your mobile phone and PING/PONG with the server to make sure you have a proper communication link. Follow these steps:

In Your Mobile App, log in using PIN authentication to LogMeOnce:

  • Enter the PIN, click It is Me!
  • Go to LogMeOnce App menu Settings->“PIN/Fingerprint”. Click on PING the server
  • You will receive a message notification if your device is reachable
  • You have not installed the latest mobile device app and configured to become PasswordLess.




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