How to Import Avast Password Manager Data to LogMeOnce


In this article, you will learn about importing your Avast Password Manager passwords to LogMeOnce Password Manager. We will do a step by step walkthrough of all actions. The following steps imports all Avast password manager username and passwords.

There are two steps in this process. please follow these steps to complete:

  • Export from Avast password manager
  • Import to LogMeOnce password manager


Export from Avast Password Manager

1. Please log in to Avast Password Manager and click on Settings.



2. Click on Passwords menu to select the Password Settings.

3. Select the Export option for 'Do you want to export your passwords to a .csv file?' Export Passwords section. 



4. Enter a File name for your exported Avast Password Manager CSV file. For example, 'Avast-Password.csv' .

5. Click on 'Save' to Save the CSV file.



Import to LogMeOnce Password Manager

After the Avast passwords are exported, you are ready to import it to LogMeOnce.

6. Log in to LogMeOnce Password Manager, click on LogMeOnce extension icon for your specific browser. You will see the extension screen.

7. Click on LogMeOnce extension menu.



8. Click on Import Passwords.



9. Select Import From File.



10. Select Generic CSV File to import CSV file.



11. The Import Password Screen is displayed. Click on Click to Open and select your Avast Password CSV file.



12. Select the Avast Exported file and click on Open.



13. We will attempt to map known data to the appropriate fields in LogMeOnce. However, please check all columns to make sure the columns are mapped properly depending on your CSV data.


14. Select all or some of the passwords to be imported.


15. Click on Import sites, to import all your sites/apps.




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