How to Log In to Your Account

How to Log In to Your Account

When you receive your welcome email, it displays your Login URL. Please always use this URL to login to your account. This will displayed a customized and branded version of the Login page for your company.

Enter your Username and Password to login to your account.

How to Change Password

To Change your password follow these steps;

  • Login to your LogMeOnce account
  • Click on Smart Menu and select Profile under the General section.
  • On the Master Password field, click on Change to change.


 Select Password icon and then enter your Current password, then enter and verify your new Password, and click Save Changes.

How to Use Forgot Password

If you forgot your password, you can change it using Forgot Password feature. Click on Forgot Password from your company Login URL.

After clicking on Forgot Password, you are requested to enter your account email address and a link to reset your password will be sent to the registered email address.


Please check your email for the forgot password email and click on “Reset your password”.

You are requested to validate your security answer.

 After entering the correct password, you will be asked to enter your new password.


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