Getting Started with Setting up Your Account

Getting Started with Setting up Your Account

How to Sign Up

You Administrator will set up and activate your account. After activation, you will receive a “Welcome to Logmeonce Activation” email, as shown.


Please only store company-related data in the LogMeOnce corporate account. Administrators can disable user accounts at any time and you could lose access to your account. Users can always create personal accounts to store personal passwords.

 Please take a note of your login page in the welcome email, you will use this URL to login to your account.

 After clicking “Activate Your Account”, users are required to set a password and Security Answer.


After your account is activated, users can choose to install the LogMeOnce browser extension. Users can log in using the same account information from any browser or mobile device to access their data.

How to Navigate

After signup, you will land in LogMeOnce user dashboard shown below.

Your account may look different from the above image and may not have any apps. Your Administrator can assign your applications or you may request your admin for a new application which will send an email to your Admin. To request applications, click on Add button and enter the app information.

There are four icons at the top, these are;

  • Home
  • Smart Menu
  • Profile
  • Logout

The Smart Menu shows a list of features available to you.

LogMeOnce’s modern and streamlined Smart Menu is an innovative gateway to your data and credential protections.

The LogMeOnce features are categories in Smart Menu into the following groups:

  • Productivity
  • Security
  • Reports
  • General

The Productivity section covers following features;

  • Password Manager
  • Secure Wallet
  • Secure Notes

The Security section covers following features;

  • Device Management
  • OpenID

The Reports section covers following features;

  • Productivity Charts
  • Activity Reports

The General section covers following features;

  • Profile
  • Settings

Select Smart Menu and then navigate to your desired feature.

Update Your Account Profile

We recommend you to update your Profile from Smart Menu->General->Profile with your current Address, Phone and company information.


Update the profile, so your Profile Completeness will be 100%.

Need Help?

Contact your Administrator or Help Desktop for assistance.



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