How to Use LogMeOnce Anti-Theft Features (V6.0)

How to Use LogMeOnce Anti-Theft Features

In this video, you will learn about LogMeOnce's full set of anti-theft features, which include:

• Deleting all LogMeOnce data, if you know the device is lost or stolen
• Remotely locking your device by forcing a password
• Getting the phone to ring at top volume, for an easy find
• Remotely log out from your device
• Remotely locate your device
There are many more features!



Click Anti-Theft from Home.
It displays an overview map of your devices.

Zoom in, if needed.
Hover over the device.
If you see a green button, indicating the device is logged in, click on it to remotely log out.

Filter devices by:
• OS type
• Active and inactive sessions
• Last online timeframe
• Date device created
• PasswordLess Login

For additional anti-theft features:
• Click on Smart Menu
• Click on Device Management
• Select your device
• See the latest location of device on the map and find its new location
• See device details and query new details
• Get list of apps on your device

Click on Command Tab to access device-specific commands


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